where am i? what is this?

heyyyy! you have landed in my favourite place on the internet to share myself. this is hi, lauren deborah! which is essentially my digital journal — where I do not pretend to be an expert on anything but I do lean into the fact that I am a chronic oversharer. I mostly talk about my demi/bi/sexuality, new-ish sobriety, excessive celebrity crushes and take questions from readers, too. drop me a line here. 🌈 🤍 ✨

who is lauren?

my name is lauren (she/her) and I am a writer who found my voice again during the pandemimoore. I like to write the truth (about myself, mostly, but not always) 💃 I also host and produce the podcast 'my dad stole my limelight' 🌈

who are you?

maybe you’re a sober person, part of the queer community or an ally, or a writer finding their voice again—maybe you’re all of the above! these are the elements I aim to bring together every week. whether you have experienced them or not, I believe you will find what I write relatable to your own journey on some level, thanks to my vulnerability with you all.

why hi, lauren deborah?

because it feels like a love letter from your BFF. because people tell me all the time they love to wake up and start their friday by reading my digital journal. because this is where I say the things I would never say out loud. hellllloooo back stage pass into my deep (and maybe dark*) thoughts!

*fashion tip: when bra is uncomfy at end of day and handbag is small, fashion yourself a scrunchie for your wrist.

is it really free?

YOU BETCHA! subscribe for free to hi, lauren deborah! by clicking below and get full access in your inbox each week as well as to the archives so you do not have to lurk my social media in secret to know what I am up to! (I see you mean girl from job years ago looking at my linked in!)

are you going to spam my inbox?

as mentioned, you won’t have to worry about missing anything if you subscribe as every new edition drops directly to your inbox every friday at 5am pacific/8am eastern. — nice and early so it is there when you wake up — hooray! that is, of course, for my north american friends. if you are in other parts of the world also known as the future, then you get to wait with anticipation and absence makes the heart grow fonder.


lauren deborah (she/her) 💫
lauren (she/her) hosts and produces the podcast 'my dad stole my limelight' 🌈 she is a writer who found her voice again during the pandemimoore and likes to write about herself, mostly, but not always 🕺